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Williams Academy of Real Estate offers in-class  courses. All courses are certified to comply with Georgia Real Estate Rules and Regulations.





As the real estate industry grows and the demand for housing increases, more and more people are choosing careers in this lucrative field because of the opportunities it offers;  opportunities such as independence, freedom from routine and set hours, unlimited income potential, investment opportunities and-perhaps most of all-professional fulfillment.    

The real estate industry is broadly defined as the business of selling, purchasing, leasing, managing and evaluation real property.  It is a service-intensive business, and it is the real estate professional who facilitates these actions.  

Real estate is a serious profession, requiring a great deal of knowledge and skill.  Buying a home is a major investment for your clients, and your services as a real estate professional will be invaluable in the purchase process. 

While real estate careers attract people from all walks of life, those who achieve success share many common traits.  First and foremost is the ability to work well with people.  Real estate is a contact business and requires constant meeting and talking with the public.  People who like people...like real estate!  Success in the profession also requires maturity, good communication skills and, most important, enthusiasm. 

With a real estate career, you can forget the 9-5 routine.  Real estate sales associates are classified as independent contractors and not employees, so they usually set their own schedules.  While most real estate offices have policies on telephone coverage and attending sales meetings, for the most part, you set your own hours.  This aspect of the career appeals to many people because of the flexibility it allows.  

Although real estate companies prefer full time salespersons, many companies will hire transitional (i.e., part time) salespersons with the understanding that they will only be available for real estate sales activities when they are not working at their primary place of employment.  It is essential that all parties clearly understand the terms and conditions of the salesperson’s employment and that the duties and responsibilities of the salesperson be clearly defined so no conflict of interest occurs. 

Real estate offers virtually an unlimited income potential.  Sales associates are paid on commission, so you will be compensated in direct relation to the quantity and quality of your efforts.  You will have the chance to be paid what you think you are worth and not what someone else thinks you are worth. 

As a real estate professional you can get ground floor information on investment opportunities.  You will have first hand knowledge of properties as they become available and will have the skills to evaluate their investment potential.  Real estate has always been one of the more stable investments, and most real estate professionals invest their money in their industry. 



Real estate salespersons are licensed by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.  License applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and be a resident of Georgia.  

To qualify for a salesperson’s license, Georgia requires completion of an 75 hour course at a school accredited by the real estate commission.  These “pre-license” courses are available through certain college, universities, and private real estate schools such as Williams Academy of Real Estate. 

Georgia now allows you to complete a computer based Real Estate Salesperson Prelicense Course at home.  This method of learning requires no attendance of in-class hours.  The computer course is also available through Williams Academy.

Pre-license courses include study of the terms of contracts and other real estate documents, state laws on transfer and ownership of real estate, state regulations and financing.  They also cover federal and state laws in fair housing and consumer protection. 

After completing the required course work, you take a written examination administered by the state.  It consists of 100 questions on general subjects and 52 questions relating particularly to Georgia law and the specific real estate practices followed in Georgia.  After passing the exams and affiliating with a real estate company, you will be issued a real estate license.



Residential real estate sales associates have a wide variety of responsibilities, falling into two general categories; working with sellers and working with buyers. 

Working with sellers begins with obtaining listings.  A listing is an agreement between a property owner and a real estate firm.  The firm will act on behalf of the owner to find buyers for the property.  Once you have obtained a listing contract, you will be responsible for marketing the property.  This procedure can involve a wide range of activities including placing signs, entering data into the Multiple Listing Service, holding open houses, advertising, creating and distributing flyers and brochures, conducting tours for other sales associates and many, many other marketing activities. 

Working with buyers also involves a multitude of tasks:  identifying their needs, evaluating their financial capabilities, showing properties, assisting with sales contracts and handling details necessary to close the transaction are only a few of them. 

How do you find these buyers and sellers?   Prospecting!!!  The ability to establish a broad base of potential clients is the key to success in real estate sales.  Newcomers to the profession can establish their potential client base in a variety of ways:  direct mail, advertising, telemarketing, knocking on doors, joining groups and-above all-working with groups of people you already know: friends, relatives, present and past co-workers.  You may already have a built-in client base! 

A career in real estate can also offer several options for specialization.  Residential sales is by far the most popular with 80 percent of real estate professionals focusing on this area.  Some of the options are:



One important factor in helping you establish your client base is the office you chose to join.  To do business in every state, your license will require that you affiliate with a firm that is managed by a licensed broker.  This will be an important decision because your broker will be instrumental in guiding your new career.  Also, the opportunities available at your office will greatly influence your success.  You will want to interview several brokers and carefully research what their firms have to offer before making a decision. 

For the new sales associate training is a critical issue, as you will quickly need to master some basic sales, listing and financial skills.  A company should be able to offer you access to training in a variety of formats:  in-office, group sessions and field training.  They should cover a wide range of topics and have qualified instructors and quality materials.  Find out when the courses are offered and what the cost are. 

Determine what the real estate company will be able to offer you.  Do they have a good location with high visibility?  Are the facilities modern?  Do they offer a wide range of services to clients?  A company policy clearly stated in writing?  What will be your commission split with the broker? 

Take a close look at the firm’s visibility.  How much advertising and what type of advertising?  Will it bring you new business?  Does the firm have good name recognition in the community?  The firm should also have affiliations with national organizations that will provide you with opportunities for referral and relocation business.  They should be actively involved in REALTOR trade associations to ensure high standards. 

Take a close look at the existing sales staff.  Do they look successful?  Do they look like they enjoy their work?  What measure of success have the sales associates achieved?  And very important, will you feel comfortable working with these people? 

There are many options when choosing a firm: large, small, franchises, and independents, single offices and multi-office companies.  Look carefully at what each has to offer. 

If you are a talented, ambitious person looking for exciting new opportunities perhaps real estate is the career for you.