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Williams Academy of Real Estate offers in-class  courses. All courses are certified to comply with Georgia Real Estate Rules and Regulations.


Qualifying For A
Real Estate Salesperson’s License

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The state of Georgia requires a person desiring to take the examination for a real estate license to complete a 75 hour Real Estate Salesperson Pre-License Course. Williams Academy gives the Pre-License Course three times a year. The classes are held two nights a week (6:15 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.) and are 12 weeks long. The cost of the course is $560 and includes tuition and text books.

Williams Academy was established in 1994 and offers in-class and independent home study (computer) real estate courses. We take great pride in the quality and professionalism of our instructors, and the fact that over 50% of the real estate agents in the area attended our school.

Upon successful completion of our course you are certified to take the state real estate examination. The cost of the state test is $115.00 and consists of 152 multiple-choice questions. Upon completion of the test you will immediately be informed of your test results - minimum passing score is 75%. If you had a problem with the test you can retake it, however, the state charges $115.00 for each retake.

Your application for licensure is submitted through the test site and you can make application the same day you take your test or at a later date if you so desire.  The test center will e-mail your application to the Georgia Real Estate Commission and your license will normally be available for you to pick up the same afternoon.




1. Listing Property

  • A. The Listing Process
  • B. Assessment of Property Value
  • C. Property Valuation
  • D. Nature of Real Property
  • E. Services Provided to the Seller

2. Selling Property

  • A. Contracts and Offers
  • B. Characteristics of Real Property
  • C. Agency Relationships
  • D. Advising Buyers
  • E. Services Provided to the Buyer

3. Property Management

  • A. Services to Landlords
  • B. Services to Tenants

4.  Settlement/Transfer of Ownership

  • A. Tax Issues
  • B. Titles
  • C. Settlement Procedures
  • D. Characteristics of Real Estate

5.  Financing

  • A. Sources of Financing
  • B. Types of Loans
  • C. Terms and Conditions
  • D. Mortgages

6.  Professional Responsibilities

  • A. Fair Housing Practices
  • B. Administration